Exciting changes afoot

Ch-ch-changes! VicSRC has seen quite a few in the last decade. The latest? Our tireless VicSRC Manager, Krista Seddon, is hanging up her hat after four years of education change. And what a 1,460 days its been.

Krista Seddon

It is with a heavy heart that I finish up my time as VicSRC Manager. The last four years at VicSRC have been some of the best of my life.  VicSRC is an incredibly collaborative organisation and I am very proud of what we have achieved as a team in the area of student voice and agency.”

Krista Seddon, VicSRC Manager has been with the organisation for just under 4 years. 

During the last four years a lot of change has been afoot. Case in point, in 2013/14 VicSRC had a staff team of one! In 2017, we have a staff team of five. By working together with exceptional Student Executive teams over the years, VicSRC has successfully executed its first strategic plan (2013 – 2017) and in doing so have reached 49% of Victorian Secondary Schools and have a growing reach into Victorian Primary Schools. We rebranded, we’ve built our media profile, social media has gone crazy and we’ve got a constitution.

During Krista’s time with VicSRC we’ve grown in the policy and advocacy space. The organisation released its first Policy Platform, research into student perspectives on middle years transitions and Students on school councils, saw increased demand for students to be present at government stakeholder meetings and consultations, made multiple policy submissions to government on topics as wide as the Bracks review into school funding through to student’s views on homework and pre-service teacher training. During the last three years we have attended over 12 meetings with two Education Ministers building successful relationships with two governments.

We celebrated 10 years of VicSRC with a joyous 10th anniversary celebration; Krista attended 4 Congresses, each one with new twists and turns from including electronic voting, open morning, congress scholarships, moving to Ormond College and this year unCongress (stay tuned!). In 2014 we decided to host the Recognition Awards as a separate event for stakeholders and schools alike to celebrate the best examples of student lead action and student voice, and since then the event has gone from strength to strength.

Over the past three years we have expanded the delivery of the Teach the Teacher program, made it sustainable and developed three different streams: Ignite, Empower, and Sustain. We’ve hosted over 37 Regional Conferences and this year will add 13 more, delivered in partnership with Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership (rebranded as the Student Voice Workshops). We have successfully established Teacher PD as part-and-parcel of these workshops. And to support students and teachers, we’ve developed multiple resources such as Student Voice and the Education State

Over the years, Krista has had the pleasure of working with incredible groups of people for the last four years.

“I could not have achieved so much in my role without the support of three different Student Executive teams, an incredible and committed staff team (Fiona, Nina, Kat, Sophie, Emma, and Pinchy), the support of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic), and our dedicated ex-executive alumni, supporters (Roger, David and Scott) and an army of dedicated volunteers.”

Krista will be starting a new role, as Director of Prevention of Violence against Women at the Domestic Violence Resource Centre. We have a fantastic team here at VicSRC and we will do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition period.

Krista’s final day will be Friday 3rd March and recruitment has begun for the role. We are on the hunt for our new Executive Officer! You can find the position description and all details on the website. Applications close 9am, Monday 6th March.

We thank Krista for her tireless support, energy, vision and stewardship of VicSRC in the last four years – and have no doubt that the next adventure will be an amazing one.

We look forward to introducing the incoming VicSRC Manager!


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