Empower, Ignite, Sustain: the new Teach the Teacher

We are thrilled to launch three new models of VicSRC’s Teach the Teacher program.

The new Teach the Teacher programs

Change and growth go hand in hand, and Teach the Teacher is no exception! From a fledgling idea developed by students at Congress 2011, to a program championed through over 60 schools by 2016, Teach the Teacher is set to take flight.

VicSRC is thrilled to launch three new models of Teach the Teacher for Victorian schools:

Teach the Teacher EmpowerTeach the Teacher: Empower
Designed for schools with an active student voice practice and student leadership structure.


Teach the Teacher IgniteTeach the Teacher: Ignite 
Bespoke program for schools with a low SES community, diverse student population or an alternative learning setting.


Teach the Teacher SustainTeach the Teacher: Sustain
Refresher courses for schools that have previously participated in the program.


What is Teach the Teacher?

“It’s the single most transformative flipping of pedagogy I’ve seen in 40 years of education.” Principal

Written by students, for students, Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teacher and a platform for teachers and a platform for students to have a say in the decision that affect their learning and lives at school.

Why Teach the Teacher?

Teach the Teacher provides students with skills and the opportunity to engage teachers and staff in conversations about issues in school that are impacting on their learning. These student-led conversations provide the space for teachers and students to work together to make positive changes that lead to school improvement and increased student engagement.

How does it work?

Through student-led professional development workshops for teachers, the program creates more effective student teacher relationships through collaborative conversations. It is a powerful step for schools in creating a culture where students are front and centre of their own education.

From 2017, schools can participate in three models of Teach the Teacher - Empower, Ignite and Sustain - to suit specific needs and contexts.

What next?

Teach the Teacher is now taking bookings for 2017!

  • Register your interest online

  • Send  an enquiry to or call Nina Laitala, VicSRC Project Officer: 03 9267 3714.

Teach the Teacher is developed by the Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) with funding from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.


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