Elections and SRC planning

What does 2016 look like for action and advocacy at your school? Now's the time to get your plans in place for an impactful year to come. 

SRC planning

Exams. Elections. Key dates. Small ideas. Big ideas. Everything in between. There's so much happening but when you have a moment to breathe, take the chance to think about what you and your SRC team want to drive for 2016!

What changes do you want to make? What impact do you want to have? Looking beyond sausage sizzles and fundraising, what are the issues you and your team want to tackle to make a difference - not just to your educational experience, but of students to come?

At Congress 2015, student delegates discussed, debated and decided on the Belief Statements that form VicSRC's advocacy platform for 2015-2016 through the 10th annual Congress parliamentary-style debate. The eight key issues that were voted in are what the Exec team is working on right now, and you can too:

Key issues 2015-2016

  • Facilities
  • Student-Teacher Relationships
  • School Leadership and Governance
  • Student Wellbeing and Welfare
  • School Funding
  • School Clusters
  • Environmental Issues
  • Curriculum


See the Belief Statements 2015-2016 in full to help spark your thoughts.

Are you electing your leaders for 2016? Student at Mount Waverley Secondary College have just been through the process and have shared a fantastic video of their candidates: 
Keep the ideas, advocacy and action coming!
If you need support and advicewith your planning, campaigns and activities, please reach out. 

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