Congress Countdown: What to expect

With just two weeks to go until we join the roar of student voices at Congress 2017, we're breaking down what our delegates can expect from the epic three days ahead.

Congress what to expect

Hey Delegates, you are coming to Congress 2017!

Run by students, for students and attended by the Minister for Education, VicSRC Congress brings us together from all across the state to debate, decide and act on the issues that matter most to our education.

This year, we’re mixing things up. Delegates shape Congress in real time, taking control of the conversation incorporating a choose-your-own-adventure format.

So, what does this mean? It means you determine the ideas, topics and issues we explore. It means you are bringing your passions and ideas to Congress – big and small – to make education better.

Check out the breakdown:


Your purpose at Congress is to work together with a team of students to present your solution to a key topic, idea or issue that will improve the way we experience education in Victoria. So how do we get there?

On Day 1, you’ll choose your Action Teams and work together on a self-directed topic in order to:

  • Develop creative solutions to the topic, idea or issue; and

  • Present the solution and plan for action (the Action Pitch) at the Congress Open Morning on Day 3.

Student delegates lead the Action Teams. A VicSRC Exec member and a Congress Crew volunteer act as a dynamic duo for each team, guiding you through each session.

So when and how do you create the Action Teams? At the Action Market!


The Action Market is where you can suggest a topic, idea or issue that you’re really keen to work on with a group. It’s about bringing your passions and ideas to Congress – big and small – that you want people to rally around. 

Delegates pitch ideas and choose their Action Teams based on passions and interests. Together, you'll work on your major at-Congress task.

PRE-CONGRESS TASK: Your big idea

See pp.11-12  of your Delegate Pack for HOW to generate your idea, topic or issues to pitch at the Day 1 Action Market!

AT-CONGRESS TASK: Day 3 Open Morning Action Pitch

Now you have your Action Team. What next? Create a solution to your issue!

The Open Morning Action Pitch is the proposal that your team brings to the solutions-focussed Congress presentation session on Day 3.

In the lead up, your Action Team works together on a creative solution to your issue that is uniquely
student-led and student-driven. After all the teams have presented at the Open Morning, delegates vote on each Action Pitch in order to determine the top five that students think should be prioritised by VicSRC.

This is just a quick snapshot of all the action that will happen at Congress 2017. Delegates, see your Delegate Pack for a more in-depth look, including your all-important checklist of things to do before Congress, what to bring, and all the fun stuff.

Speak out, spark change. This is #Congress2017!

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