The results are in!

We're excited to share the evaluation snapshot from Congress 2015. 

Congress 2015 evaluation snapshot

Over 150 delegates provided feedback on their experiences at Congress 2015. Every single response helps us evaluate what worked well and how we can make next year's event even better.

Throughout all the feedback, two key threads kept emerging:

  1. Students felt that Congress instilled an environment that fostered student voice by giving them a platform to be heard, and

  2. Congress helped create clear actions they could take back with them into their school communities.

93% of delegates felt empowered to take action on issues that matter to their education as a result of Congress.

Feedback gained from the student delegates and crew highlighted that the overall experience of Congress was incredibly positive as it created a supportive and innovative environment for students to come together to stand up, speak out and act on issues that affect their education.

The evaluation also identified six key recommendations to make build on the success of Congress 2015 into future years. Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback - it is invaluable! And there's more to come. Keep an eye out for the full Congress report, coming soon!

Keen to find out more? Download your copy of the Congress 2015 Evaluation Snapshot


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