Adobe Youth Voices: We are the future

Earlier this year, our VicSRC Executives Spencer, Sam and Danai presented at the Adobe Youth Voices conference in Melbourne. As speaker, Danai challenged the audience to be changemakers.

Danai Harawa

Good Morning everyone, my name is Danai Harawa, I am a student at Frankston High School and member of the VicSRC Student Executive team.

On behalf of VicSRC thank you all for coming today to support the Adobe Youth Voices program and showing your commitment to student voice and youth participation in Victoria.

It’s funny how young people are so often underestimated in this world. How many situations happen where great ideas are lost because we don’t hear the voices of young people?

"The Victorian Student Representative Council is an organization that strives to achieve, pursue and unleash the passion, potential and determination locked inside the mind of every student.  It is so important that we work together to value students and young people. Young people are not the leaders of tomorrow, but rather, the leaders of today."

These core principals are so important to VicSRC. However, some of you might be wondering what is that VicSRC does? Who are we? And what do we do?

VicSRC is a peak body representing school aged students in Victoria. We exist to empower all student voices in education. Our organisation is led by a team of 15 secondary school students, including myself, Sam and Spencer, who work together to represent the views of students around the state. We work on issues identified by students to speak to decision makers, take action, and advocate.  The student Executive team is elected annually at our state conference, Congress.

Congress is run by students, for students and attended by the Minister for Education and the Minister for Youth. VicSRC Congress brings students together from all across the state to decide on the issues that really matter to Victorian students.

Through the VicSRC I have been blessed with many opportunities to express my view as a young person and have been given the chance to demonstrate what the generation of today is capable of. I hope our work means that we shift the image that we are more than the stereotypical image of what we are normally portrayed as.

We believe student voice is essential in all schools. When student voices are seriously heard, students feel more positive about themselves as learners, better able to manage their own progress in learning and realise that they can have impact on things that matter to them in school.

It is our mission to continue this journey and ensure that student voice continues to be considered important in schools. That is why programs like Adobe Youth Voices is so important. The program is a fantastic and creative way for the community to hear what students have to say and I can’t wait to see the final creations today.

I want every student here today to remember that we are the leaders who are making change in this world. We are the past. We are the present. We are the future. What we do now will affect many generations to come. That is why we need to continue to drive student voice across Victoria, Australia, the world.

Thank you.

Danai Harawa, VicSRC Executive 2015-2016

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