Community, collaboration and student voice: a day in the life of Heatherwood School

On Wednesday 18th February, we had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the student leadership team at Heatherwood School in Donvale. Our Events & Communications Officer, Fiona, got some first-hand insight into how their SRC works, the projects underway and the issues that really matter to Heatherwood Students.

Heather School SRC

The visit began with a tour of the school's facilities, led by School Captain Ben, and SRC team member Liam. Throughout the tour, Fiona learnt the ins-and-outs of Heatherwood's student voice and representation program - including the weekly Leadership Skills Program and the SRC Induction and Mentoring Program. Heatherwood's SRC has had a keen impact on decision making in the school, contributing to the strategy and development of the passive garden, and contributing student perspectives on how to combat bullying, strategies for more accessible public transport, safety in school and environmental policies.

"Student voice is having a say, a chance to be heard and valued." - Ben, School Captain, Heatherwood School

Following the tour we had the opportunity to share lunch a chat about what student voice means to the Heatherwood team - and team is the key word. The whole school's sense of community, team work and positive approach to student voice, leadership and participation is inspiring. 

"Student voice is about support; being supported, being a team." - Lauren, School Captain, Heatherwood School

VicSRC would like to extend thanks and congratulations to Ben, Lauren, Liam, Josh and the whole Heatherwood SRC team, along with Lynda, Lyn, Helen, Jill, Paul and the amazing teachers and staff.

We are so excited to hear more about your student voice journey in 2015 and beyond!

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