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Where to now?

16th Apr 2014
The VCAA produces a guide for students on the range of options available to them in their last two years of secondary school it is called 'Where to now'. The VicSRC asks can it be turned into a smart phone app?

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Interview with the Director of Student Leadership

25th Mar 2014
We are students at Frankston High School and also members of the VicSRC Executive, in order to profile our school we interviewed our SRC Teacher Advisor Miss Toovey to get a better understanding of her role and her thoughts on Student voice.

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Homework cartoon

Homework; Interactive, stimulating, engaging for all students

17th Feb 2014
The VicSRC Exec has been doing their own research into student’s views and approaches to homework by conducting an online survey and talking to peers.

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A four year plan for the VicSRC

06th Feb 2014
On the warm, sunny days of the 22nd and 23rd of January, at the Bastow Institute in North Melbourne, the VicSRC Executive team joined together with supporters and former Executive members to re-create the VicSRC strategic plan.

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