2018 VicSRC Best Of: The home of student voice

#5 Introducing the Student Voice Hub - the home of student voice!

#5 Student Voice Hub


We don’t make change alone! And to make it easier than ever this year we launched the Student Voice Hub to bring students around Victoria (and Australia...and maybe even the world!) together to share resources, success and challenges.


The home of student voice. The first of its kind, the Student Voice Hub an innovative online platform! It features forums for discussion and networking across space (and time) where students can come together to solve student voice issues. It includes the Blog, a news source written and edited by students, for students. And it’s all built around the Resource Hub, where students (and soon schools too) can access the collective wisdom of the schools that went before!




Best of: #1 Student membership was added to all Government school councils

Best of: #2 Teach the Teacher stepped into the global spotlight

Best of: #3 We grew our brand new Ambassadors program across the state

Best of: #4 Congress in the year of student voice

Best of: #5 Introducing the Student! Voice! Hub!

Best of: #6 Where are you up to on your #studentvoicejourney?

Best of: #7 Student voice is sweeping the globe!

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