2018 VicSRC Best Of: Students on School Councils

2018 has been E N O R M O U S! We’ve ballooned from three staff to a whopping nine here at VicSRC HQ (which has moved...twice); weve worked with thousands of students and teachers all over the state; and all of our work has grown right alongside us. Join us for a look back at our seven big wins from 2018.

#1 Students on all school councils


After a 2017 campaign across the state and a surprise announcement at the 2017 Recognition Awards, a Ministerial Order was signed in early 2018 creating a student category on School Councils in all Government schools!


What does this mean?

At every Government school in Victoria, students now have a voice in overseeing their school environment, expenditure and culture! School Councils play a big part in working with school leadership to establish the broad direction of the school as well as the practical details like school dress code, school maintenance and school budget.


Having students in on these meetings means that the people affected by these decisions get a say in how they’re made!


Best of: #1 Student membership was added to all Government school councils

Best of: #2 Teach the Teacher stepped into the global spotlight

Best of: #3 We grew our brand new Ambassadors program across the state

Best of: #4 Congress in the year of student voice

Best of: #5 Introducing the Student! Voice! Hub!

Best of: #6 Where are you up to on your #studentvoicejourney?

Best of: #7 Student voice is sweeping the globe!

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