2018 VicSRC Best Of: The year of student voice

#7 Student voice is sweeping the globe

#7 Student voice sweeps the globe


Phew! We had no idea at the start of 2018 just how much student voice we’d see around the world this year. Here’s a quick rundown on some of what happened.


Parkland teens stood up for gun control legislation in the United States after a school shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. They organised marches around the world and actively campaigned for change. They have now formed Never Again MSD to fight for change.

March for our Lives


Bangladeshi students brought the capital to a halt after a speeding bus killed two students in July. Though the protests were met with a government crackdown the students occupied roads and checkpoints, refusing any but emergency vehicles free passage.

Bagladeshi student protests


Australian students, inspired by Swedish student Greta Thunberg, launched a month-long series of protests imploring the federal Government to take action against climate change. Despite condescending responses from some politicians the students have persisted in raising their voices, staging mass walkouts on Friday 30th of November to occupy their state parliament buildings and push for change.

School Strike for Climate Action


Best of: #1 Student membership was added to all Government school councils

Best of: #2 Teach the Teacher stepped into the global spotlight

Best of: #3 We grew our brand new Ambassadors program across the state

Best of: #4 Congress in the year of student voice

Best of: #5 Introducing the Student! Voice! Hub!

Best of: #6 Where are you up to on your #studentvoicejourney?

Best of: #7 Student voice is sweeping the globe!

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