2018 VicSRC Best Of: Members and Partners

#6 Our Members and Partners #studentvoicejourney!

#6 Members and partners


VicSRC has a shiny new membership model!


As we’ve grown it’s become even more important to increase the number of students and schools we’re engaging with and so at the Student Voice Awards this year we announced our new Student Membership and School Partnership models.

What does this mean for me? Well if you’re a student it means you should sign up, right now - for free! - and get all the benefits of being a VicSRC member. These benefits include being part of the largest student voice organisation in Australia, membership of the Student Voice Hub and unique opportunities and access!


If you’re a school it means you’re not alone on the your student voice journey. Joining as a VicSRC Partner School gives you the edge in making sure you’re working with your students to make their educational experience the best it can possibly be!


VicSRC Sudent members

VicSRC Partner Schools

Best of: #1 Student membership was added to all Government school councils

Best of: #2 Teach the Teacher stepped into the global spotlight

Best of: #3 We grew our brand new Ambassadors program across the state

Best of: #4 Congress in the year of student voice

Best of: #5 Introducing the Student! Voice! Hub!

Best of: #6 Where are you up to on your #studentvoicejourney?

Best of: #7 Student voice is sweeping the globe!

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