VicSRC Recognition Awards

Conditions of entry

  • Each school (or individual/group of a school) can apply for one or more award, but awards will be limited to one per school/individual

  • Each award nomination requires a separate video (5 applications = 5 videos)

  • The top 3 applicants for each award will be notified via email by Tuesday 12th September and will be invited to attend the VicSRC Recognition Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 11 October 2017. Further information will be provided closer to the date.

  • Judges reserve the right to award a joint first-place at their discretion. In this situation, the first-place winners will split the first-place grants equally

Case studies:

  • Five case studies will be developed for use by the Department of Education and Training and VicSRC 

  • The case studies will be submitted to the Department of Education and Training with a video, a written overview, a photograph of the student / group / teacher / SRC / principal to be used on the website. There will also be demographic information provided on school size, location, type, and how the action links to student voice and civics and citizenship

  • Case studies will identify the challenge/need to be addressed; describe the activituy or intervention of the school, group or SRC, including the purpose; outline the outcome of the activity; outline challenges; provide reflections on the activity and information on the next steps; suggest how other schools could adopt a similar strategy to implement change; and will be written in the third person 

  • Finalists for the 2017 VicSRC Recognition Awards will need to complete a Talent Release form providing VicSRC and associated organisations permission to publish and promote the work in online and print publications, social media and traditional media outlet


Questions? Please contact Kat Daymond, Events Officer via  or 03 9267 3723.