Student Voice Workshops 2018

VicSRC's rolling series of Student Voice Workshops:
2018 Dates and Locations to come! 

VicSRC Student Voice Workshops (formerly Regional Conferences) enable students, teachers and principals to work together on common issues and drive positive change in schools, communities and the education system.

Delivered in partnership with Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, this series of one-day conferences ensure students are consulted and heard on the issues that matter to their education, no matter their location.

We’re bringing educational leaders – students, teachers and principals – together in this unique learning space to collaborate, co-create and spark practical strategies to transform their schools and learning environments.

Creating spaces for students and teachers to meet, co-create and realise how much they have in common is highly empowering for all involved. Students are more engaged in their school education when they are involved in shaping their experience. However, the reality is that students are not often given a say in what happens at school or in their education. 

This is where VicSRC Student Voice Workshops come in. Students and teachers work collaboratively to tackle the how of student voice. Participants leave with new ideas, practical strategies, and the first clear steps to implement an action plan to take back to school

Suitable for all school leaders (students from years 2-12, teachers and principals) who want their voices heard.


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