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Why become a member?

Membership of the VicSRC is open to Student Councils and other such representative bodies in all Victorian secondary schools. The more members we have the stronger our voice will be to represent students' interests. We are also offering a range of benefits to members that we believe represent great value for money, these are outlined below.

For the SRC

Subscription to Connect magazine. This bi-monthly magazine documents student participation around Australia. It contains a host of ideas from other SRCs, student groups and teachers around the country. For members of the VicSRC, each issue will automatically be sent to your school addressed to the SRC or to your Teacher Adviser (students can read and write for it too!).

Discounts for SRC training provided by Second Strike Productions. Second Strike has had many years' experience working with SRCs and is a great supporter of the VicSRC. For more information call them: (03) 9853 0600.

Priority and discount registration for VicSRC Congress where decisions are made about the policies and directions of the VicSRC.

Free student / young person membership to the peak youth body, the Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic). This entitles you to access YACVic's even wider range of resources, contacts and representation beyond school issues.

How to become a member


VicSRC Membership costs $100+ GST per year for a school. You can find a membership form at the top of this page. Fill out the form and we'll invoice you for payment. Once payment has been received we will send a membership pack with details on how to access your member benefits.

Get involved in the VicSRC:

Why get involved?

A statewide organisation like the VicSRC needs your active involvement. No matter what role you take, getting involved with the VicSRC will benefit you and students generally:

  • SRC's will get ideas and inspiration
  • Students will develop leadership skills
  • Teachers will find support for SRCs and themselves
  • Organisations will be able to find out what students think and want both locally and across the state

How to get involved

Get social

The VicSRC are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Come by and say hi!

Students and SRCs can network locally

If you are interested to represent your peers and to work with other students at a local level - we need YOU! This could involve you networking with other students and SRCs in your area to establish or expand a local SRC cluster or host a cluster meeting. This will strengthen SRCs in your area and help set up local projects. The VicSRC can help you do this.

Students with the bigger picture

If you are interested to represent students from across Victoria - we need YOU! This could mean consulting with students across the state, communicating their views to relevant state bodies, helping set up statewide projects and planning for state meetings like the VicSRC Congress. If you're interested to work at this level there are opportunities to be a member of the VicSRC Executive.

Cluster supporters

While the VicSRC is an organisation owned and run by secondary students, we still need the support of other people. If you are not a student but would like to be key supporters of local cluster groups in your area - we need YOU! You may work for a Local Council Youth Service or a Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) or another organisation with a youth participation focus - or you could be anyone with an interest who is willing to make a commitment to supporting local students in your area. We can put you in touch with a cluster group of the VicSRC.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way then please contact us - there's a role for everyone.