Have you heard of VicSRC but you're not really sure what we do? Do you want to get involved but you're not really sure how? Are you gunning to make change in your school but need some help to do so? Do you want to meet people from all over VIctoria who care about the same things you do?

Um...I'm on holidays, when is this happening?

Tuesday 28th January from 1pm at our office.

Our Community House
552 Victoria St North Melbourne

And what do I need to do?

Nothing! Just show up and we'll be hanging around (both staff and students) to have a chat to you about what we do and any questions you might have! If you're really keen and want to study up beforehand check out our ambassadors program and put in your EOI for that!

Great! I'm in, what do I need to do?

Sign up! It's totally free and super easy, you can do it right here!

Got more questions?

Get in touch with our Student Engagement Coordinator Benita on 0487 085 668 or at [email protected]