IMAGE: A group of students lean over a table where they are working on something with paper and markers.

So you want to be on the Student Editorial Team?

The SVH Editorial Team is a group of students who work together to create, edit and support content on the Student Voice Hub. The editorial team is looking for any students who are keen to spread student voice through supporting digital content. Whether you're an expert in writing, editing, photography or other skills or have no experience whatsoever come join the team!

As part of the Student Voice Hub Editorial Team you can:

  • Come up with new campaigns/series for students to write about and find students to write them
  • Create your own unique pieces and write articles that all students can view
  • Utilise your design skills in creating content and designs for media on the Student Voice Hub
  • Get film savvy and create videos covering issues or student voice related events
  • Use your photography skills to support articles with fabulous photos
  • Work with a team of like-minded and passionate students!


Requirements of the Student Voice Hub Editorial Team:

  • Stay updated on news (especially in the education space) [20 minutes a week]
  • Stay updated with emails and communication platforms (checking in once every couple of days)
  • Creating/editing content for the Student Voice Hub [30 minutes a week]
  • We understand that different people have different commitments and are extremely flexible and accommodating for all time constraints.


How do I get involved?


Am I eligible?

To be part of the Student Voice Hub Editorial team you must be a student attending primary or secondary school in 2020. That's all that's required! If you do not fit this criteria but can help out in some other way, please get in touch with us at [email protected]