"The VicSRC Ambassdors is one of the best programs I've ever been to, there is so much to learn from a group of intelligent people that also have the same interests as me, it is so great to see there are students who truly want to help their peers and be their voice."

What is a VicSRC Ambassador?

VicSRC Ambassadors are champions of student voice at the secondary school level. You will work with your teachers, student leadership body and other students populations to bring student voice and student-led initiatives to life in your school and local community. VicSRC Ambassadors have the support of VicSRC staff, Executive and other Ambassadors from across Victoria.

Please note: VicSRC Ambassador roles are currently open to secondary students only and roles are limited to up to two Ambassadors per school.

What does an Ambassador do?

As part of the VicSRC Ambassadors team you will work together to pick, plan, problemsolve and reflect on student voice initiatives in your schools. You will learn new skills to help you advocate for students at all levels and also collaborate with VicSRC on what student voice looks like at your school and across the state.

Each VicSRC Ambassador will have a flexible role and multiple opportunities to participate in VicSRC advocacy, initiatives and events.

Over the year, you might:

  • run different student voice initiatives or events at your school,

  • report to VicSRC on the state of student voice in your school,

  • represent VicSRC at different activities (for exmample, meetings with the Department of Education or VicSRC's Student Voice Awards),

  • support the VicSRC Executive in their advocacy work in the education sector,

  • Write articles for the VicSRC website or Student Voice Hub.

Most importantly, Ambassadors get to connect with a fantastic group of like-minded students from across Victoria!

"I loved every minute of being a part of the Ambassadors for VicSRC and the challenges. I have so much more confidence and have taken more opportunities. Being a part of something so big - to make a change for not only me but for others too - was awesome."

Who can be an Ambassador and what is the commitment?

Ambassadors must be completing secondary schooling in Victoria and will need to commit to attending two meetings per school term as well as working on Ambassador duties in their own time as needed (approximately one hour per week).

Ambassadors are a link between VicSRC and their school and so we ask that you be endorsed by a teacher at your school. This process can be completed once you have been accepted into the program. If you are worried that your school will not endorse you we encourage you to speak to a supportive teacher independently.

An Ambassador's duties involve:

  • planning and implementing student voice initiatives in your school,

  • communicating between your school's student body and the VicSRC Executive and staff,

  • participating in a range of VicSRC engagements such as reference or advisory groups, surveys in school, panel discussions, volunteering at VicSRC events (like the Student Voice Awards, Student Voice Workshops etc) and media engagements,

  • volunteering approximately 1-2 hours each week to work on VicSRC Ambassador tasks,

  • attending VicSRC Ambassador's meetings (approximately two per term).


If you have questions, or would like to chat further, please get in touch with Benita at or 0487 085 668.