VicSRC Policy Platform

Backed by over ten years of experience and research, and created with the voices of thousands of students - we are proud to present the VicSRC Policy Platform!

VicSRC Policy Platform

This is our philosophy, our mission and our drive, signposting what we do and why we do it. This resource underpins all our work - and can be used as a guide to yours. 

The VicSRC Policy Platform covers nine focus areas:

  • The future of learning
  • Student voice in policy and program development
  • Student voice in school decision making
  • Curriculum and learning
  • School funding and resourcing
  • A culture of respect
  • Student wellbeing
  • Collaboration and partnerships: working together
  • Sustainability


We've attached specific goals and targets to each of these areas, and the Policy Platform details why and how you can incorporate the focus areas into your work and environments.

We encourage all students, teachers and schools to use the Policy Platform to guide your approaches to student voice as we work together to transform our education system!

Download your copy of the VicSRC Policy Platform (PDF)