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Please note that sall staff bios are not autobiographical but are written by each staff member's colleagues.

VicSRC Executive Officer

Nina Laitala is the extremely capable captain of the VicSRC ship, as such she has grown the VicSRC team, overseen the launch of the Student Voice Hub and found the org its very own home at Our Community House. She is also the captain of her three children, who are already forging their way through the education system in her image of advocacy and leadership. If she wasn't working at the VicSRC she might have become a famous jazz singer, as it is she makes do by trying (thus far unsuccesfully) to get the team to sing karaoke with her. If you're stuck for conversation with Nina she's always eager to talk about the importance of the arts in education and RuPaul's Drag Race!

VicSRC Operations and Executive Assistant

David Trevorrow worked with VicSRC as a Student Executive before becoming a member of staff. He was instrumental in finalising the 2017-2020 VicSRC Strategic Plan during his term (and is about to be instrumental in the 2020-2024 one as a staff member). He enjoys long bus rides, creating efficient systems and making lists. He's very bad at saying no to requests for help and often finds it hard to leave work on time. When he isn't intimidating expert professionals with his ridiculous degree of knowledge about all things he likes to relax by shooting arrows. David should probably run the country at some point but that might be a waste of his skills. He is also very tall.

VicSRC Student Engagement Coordinator

Benita Bruce joined VicSRC in 2018 and immediately proved herself to be the adult in the room to the relief of the entire staff team and is willing to take on any task and help out any colleague with a calm competence. She grew up on her family farm and at a boarding school she assures us had very little in common with Hogwarts. She has learned to make her own clothes, a feat that leaves us all mystified and impressed, and appreciates a good cup of tea, a meeting agenda finalised well in advance and is particularly partial to a good Harry Potter reference.

VicSRC Communications Officer

Nell MacColl aka CommsQueen joined VicSRC in 2019. Her superpower is turning any old ramblings thrown her way into engaging, concise content for any audience. Nell is a fun, thoughtful and caring presence in the office, providing an endless supply of tea and baked goods for all. She is even nice about correcting staff grammar when staff sentences aren't good! When not at work, Nell hangs out with her cat, reads, writes and bakes. She has an endless supply of pop culture knowledge.

VicSRC SVH Digital Project Coordinator

Kirsty Fromholtz joined the team to develop the Student Voice Hub and is now a regular in the office, taking care of multiple projects. A master of all things digital, Kirsty has became everyone's go to when we want to know how to create, change or fix things on the internet. In 2018 she successfully and bravely fended off an attack on our Teach the Teacher website. Kirsty loves building and playing with robots and AI, all things tech and bubble tea. She makes really hilarious faces when concentrating on her work, and is too good at tuning out all frivolous chatter in the office. When she's not gaming at home, you can find Kirsty climbing things.

VicSRC Programs & Events Coordinator

Hayley Allen has been at VicSRC for less than a year and has already earned three promotions. This is why she is universally referred to as 'The Mother of Dragons (and also of cats)'. As Program & Events Coordinator Hayley travels the length of breadth of Victoria and even as far as Darwin, inspiring students and teachers by preaching student voice, Riverdale and Fall Out Boy. She is consequently banned from DJing on roadtrips.

VicSRC Programs & Events Officer

Tom Nice joined VicSRC in 2019 after defecting from being a classroom teacher, where he ran student voice at his school. Working at VicSRC was the next logical step. Tom has the most fun job at VicSRC, running all of our Student Voice and Teach the Teacher workshops across Victoria. Out of the office he tries to surf as much as possible and is the lead singer in a band. Tom has dislocated his shoulders eight times but still thinks that playing ice hockey is a good idea.

VicSRC Sponsorships & Partnerships Officer

Evrim Sen joined the VicSRC team in 2019 after seeing the magic of Congress close up in 2017. She is an audio-visual whiz with the ability to snip video and shape sound to her whims as well as pinch-hitting whenever social media needs an extra hand. She is now leading the search for fabulous funders to make sure VicSRC can continue its good work and strengthening the network of school partnerships across Victoria. She's also a proud nerd and takes the lead on an awesome monthly podcast with an avid audience.

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