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The VicSRC Executive consists of fifteen student representatives who are elected to represent students across Victoria. Elections are held annually at Congress where anyone can step up to govern the organisation.

We are here to represent every student in the state so if you have something that needs to be heard, get in touch: 


Hi I’m Cohen, and I am passionate about giving every student in Victoria a say in how their education pans out. I’m in Year 11 in Castlemaine, and in my spare time I enjoy taking pics (on film, naturally), playing music and (eventually) replying to emails from Nina, Aisha and Nell. I’ve seen that everyone learns in different ways and I believe that this should be better acknowledged in the way that schools operate.

During my term on the executive I want to do all that I can to show people all around Victoria that having more student representation in education, is the best way to make school more enjoyable for everyone.



Hey! My name's Ryan and I am a Year 12 student from Melbourne. I'm passionate and ready to amplify your voices and make a change for the benefit of Victorian Education, raising up the new generation of decision makers and world-wide influencers.

A couple of my other passions include basketball and music, and I'm sure that all of our talents can be used in one way or another for more than we think! I always live by the words, "a single smile can change a life", so stay positive and let's change the world.



We all have the capacity to make a difference, It's simply a matter of deciding what kind of influence we want to have. I'm Wren, a Year 11 student from the Yarra Ranges with the passion to shape positive change. Public speaking and leadership are two things I hold in very high regard, and have always been something I've loved.

Being elected as an executive member of the VicSRC  is an unbelievably amazing opportunity! I want to ensure that our voices ARE heard and subsequently acted upon, as education is the key to growth. I'm so excited to work with the fourteen other brilliant minds on the exec. Together, we will spark change. 



Hello, I’m Tiffany student from Melbourne. I’m in Year 12 whilst working part time. I’m very passionate about creating change to the education system and empowering the voices of students of all ages and situations.

I would love to experience the different cultures of our diverse world by travelling across the world. The election onto the new Executive team will be my first and a stepping stone to creating that change working with many other passionate and diverse people. I hope that I can successfully fulfil the role like others before me.



Hi! My name is Aayushi and I am a Year 12 student from Melbourne. People often describe me as one of three things: crazy, quirky and ambitious.

I am super passionate about student voice and I can’t wait to enact real changes to our education system this year. What is my main motto of life? Well if ‘Plan A’ doesn’t work, don’t worry! There are still 25 more letters in the alphabet so stay cool.



Hola, my name is Rames, and I am a Year 12 student from Melbourne. My goal as the 2017-2018 Exec is to fight for the equality at our school for our voice to be heard.

My hobbies include playing Minecraft, eating, sleep, procrastinating and repeat. Many people describe me as “a weird tall Asian guy that isn’t Asian but is”. I have been playing violin for the past five years as well as doing singing lessons and doing Certificate Two in fashion design and technology and merchandising. My belief in life is to have fun and love everyone. Xxx ; )



Hey!!!! My name is Alyssa and I am a Year 11 student from Bendigo. I am so ready to take on the world of student voice and represent YOUR voices, because we deserve to be heard in the education system, because it is OUR education! I only really started being passionate about student voice when I was elected into my school’s Year 8 SRC Team, and from then on, it has been my main passion.

Apart from that, I love swimming, singing, and have a strong passion for optimism, happiness and the environment!! I was school vice-captain and also have a part-time job at Baker’s Delight. I look forward to working with these amazing fourteen souls over the next few months! For now, Adios!! 



HEY GUYYYS! My name is Clare and I'm from Melbourne, currently studying in Year 12. I’m an outgoing, confident, super easy-to-get-along-with girl who’s always down to talk with anyone. Working closely with my SRC, it’s always been my goal to empower, inspire and encourage everyone around me to use their voices to make change – big or small; it still counts! You don’t need a badge or position, all you need is a voice to speak out and spark change.

I love dancing my heart out and of course singing in the shower, even if I’m terribly off key. I’m always down to hang with friends, catching up on­­­­­­­ the latest TV drama or tagging each other on memes. I’m really looking forward to working with all the Execs over the next  year, representing student voice on a state level, and can’t wait to meet all you amazing people out there <3 Clare. .



I am Tobias (Tobi) a Year 9 student from Melbourne. I have three siblings - an older sister and a younger brother and sister who are still in primary school. 

I support the mighty Essendon Bombers. Being on the VicSRC executive team is an inspirational opportunity and a chance for me to share the voices of students across Victoria. I have been lucky enough to join the executive team again to represent the students for a second year and I am looking forward to meeting everyone.



Hey everyone, my name is Angelique and I am a bubbly and happy person who is currently studying Year 12 from Melbourne. Despite my fears and doubts for joining Exec, I pushed myself to be a part of the Executive Team to bring change for Victorian Students and let your voices be heard!

I want to be a part of a special and positive move to bring change for the good! Outside of Exec you can find me photographing almost anything! Not only do I have a strong passion for students, I also adore photography! So let me know if you want to be my model haha! Being in Exec will help me to voice other students' opinions and their issues in schools to benefit Victoria. I am beyond excited to be in Exec this year, and I will strive to not let YOU down Victoria! Looking forward to working with the rest of the fourteen Exec Members in the next 12 months!




Why not take the opportunities presented to us? You only regret the opportunities you didn’t take. My names Will and I’m a Year 12 currently studying at Gisborne. My vision for the next year is not only to have heaps of fun and make lots of friends, but to make change! Positive change over the next positively amazing year. Can’t wait to start working with the other bubbly bright bunch of Executives, peace out!

William Wilson


Hey everyone, I’m Mia. I’m in Year 11 and I'm from Melbourne. I am so incredibly excited to spend the next twelve months on exec, working to make sure every Victorian student has a proper voice. My non-exec related interests include reading, cooking, listening to odd music, animals and creating regrettable outfits.  I constantly try to look for ways to challenge my world view, and to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of the people around me, as equality is exceedingly important to me.  I hope that in a years time the rest of the exec and I can look back and say we have helped make changes we, and all other students are truly proud of.



Although we are young, and our minds cannot fully comprehend the vastness of our world, the voices of youth are crucial to establish a constructive world to thrive in. My name is Alyssa and I'm from outer Melbourne.

Whilst I’m not a member of Student Voice, I am the embodiment of our values as a whole; an ordinary student who aspires to promote our rights as individuals. I’m passionate about creativity and innovation, and have learnt to embrace opportunities that I am presented with. I am looking forward to collaborating with individuals who share similar beliefs and goals.



Hello hello, I'm Bri, a Year 10 student. I live in the small rural town of Myrtleford up in the North East, and I can't wait for my next twelve months improving student voice! I chose to run for Exec when I saw things around me that needed changing. Things in my personal schooling environment, and things impacting students as whole. Therefore, over the next twelve months I'll play my part in improving education across Victoria for everyone.



Hey!! I am Anya from the Latrobe Valley. I am in Year 9 and enjoy dancing ballet, acting in musical theatre, playing guitar, and reading biographies. I am Christian, I love listening to classical music and meeting new people.  I am a bubbly and loud person ready to do or try new things.

I wish to become more of a bold leader during the time of me being on the exec team. This is a great place to grow and learn. A strength that I have is that I find interviews easier then speeches and this role could help me with that. On this team, there are some really special and amazing leaders that are so nice and I cannot wait to bounce back off them.

I wish to make school a place where boundaries are respected and people have the chance to be heard. For school to be a place not only where you learn but to open doors that link to our future. I wish to help with making Victoria the best it can. Anya over and out!!


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