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The VicSRC Executive Committee consists of fifteen student representatives who are elected by students across Victoria.


Hi I’m Aaran and I’m a Year 10 student from Melbourne. I love meeting new people and listening to their stories and ideas. I believe student voice is crucial to the wellbeing and the way students learn, and hope to empower student voice so students are represented in the decisions their school makes. 

I hope to represent students to the best I can and make schools and the lives of students better, even if it’s just a small change. 



Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Lai from Bendigo Senior Secondary College, currently in Year 11. My journey of student voice started when I was elected into my school’s SRC and from then on, it has blossomed into a real passion for student voice in education and decision making. I believe in an education that is a 2-way conversation, where teachers and students are working together to achieve the best outcome for students, simply because it is incredibly integral!

Aside from school, I play the guitar, piano and sing as well as swim and playing badminton when I have spare time. In the future, I would like to become an Environmental Scientist, Recording Artist or Politician. So who knows? I could become the Environmental Minister that sings her speeches! I am really looking forward to working with these amazing people for my second year on the VicSRC so that we can make REAL CHANGE! Our education deserves for it’s biggest stakeholders to be heard! For now, ???



“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that’s not why ships were built.”

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley, a Year 10 student passionate about making a change. Ensuring that students’ thoughts, ideas and passions are an integral part of every aspect of our education is definitely my number one priority. Some things about me: I love studying (believe it or not ;)), reading books, public speaking and cross country!

Leadership is something I have always kept close to my heart. Leadership is charismatic and empowering, but also quiet and kind. Which is why I aim to be an Exec that truly makes sure not a single voice is left unheard. I am so fortunate to be working with fourteen equally-passionate Execs on the VicSRC and together, we will aspire and achieve. Together, we have the power to transform our environment and, in doing so, empowering those around us.

Together, we will sail forward- confidently.



Wassup! My name is Beth and I am currently a year 11 student from the Yarra Ranges. I am enthusiastic and neighbourly person who’s always been loud but for the right reasons. I’m absolutely ecstatic to be on the VicSRC, and I look forward to amplifying all students’ voices and changing the world to make students lives better. Because no matter the situation or age, all students matter.

My passion is networking with people as I believe everyone is a friend you just haven’t meet. Making new friends and hearing their stories always inspires me to look at things with new eyes. It is people’s stories make me realize there are always things to change in the forever changing world. It is for that reason why student voice is so important and why I look forward to being a successful executive. So you do you and you be you!



My name is Bri, I’m a year 10 student and this my second year as a VicSRC Executive. I live up in North-East Victoria in a little town of under 4000 people with my school less than a tenth of that. Growing up in a rural part of Victoria has inspired me to help change the education of all students across the state, something that I’ve had the pleasure of already doing with VicSRC for over a year now already. It is my firm belief that everyone has the right to a high quality education that will aid them in whatever future they choose, regardless of where they live. 



Hey you!

My name is John-Paul (you can abbreviate it however you like, just not to Paul…) and I’m a year 10 from the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

I’m so excited to work alongside 14 other amazing individuals to empower students in Victoria to have a say in how their education system runs! There’s something to be said about how student voice is so powerful, and I chose to run for Exec to grow as a bold leader and exercise the ever-so-important voices that students withhold not only at my school but all across Victoria.

My hobbies include all things sports related! I enjoy the thrill of sport and the (sometimes) friendly competition, but you can mainly find me playing badminton and tennis.  I also work part-time shaking up bubble tea, so you know where to go for them discounts ;)

Being on the Executive is such a privilege and I believe that everyone is capable of creating change – it’s just a matter of finding the courage to voice it.



Young minds can make changes in what matters to us, whether it be big or small.

Hi there! My name is Julia, and I’m a VCE student in Melbourne’s west. Believe it or not, I actually love school and everything that it has to offer, but I know very well that this isn’t the case for all Victorian students. I guess that’s one of my priorities as one of your Exec – to make all students’ education experience as enjoyable, fulfilling and likeable as possible.

Some fun facts about me: I play the cello; I have a passion for musical theatre; and I enjoy playing all sport!

Our lives now are a part of our future, and I believe that every Victorian student is entitled to have a voice during their time at school. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve all Victorian students during my Exec term and am ready for some good times ahead!



Hey hey, my name’s Laura and I’m in year 11. I’m so excited for the next 12 months of being on the Exec team & getting to work with amazing new people all the time. I’m super passionate about helping people & making a positive change in society so I can’t wait to see what opportunities this year brings to do exactly that.  Throughout my Exec term the thing I’m looking forward to most is just advocating for student voice & showing people that what we have to say as young people, does matter too, if not more!   



Hi, my name is Liaqat Ahmadi, and I am a year 11 student from Shepparton. I am always passionate about learning and my passion about learning and getting an education comes from my personal life experience. Subsequently I want other Victorian students to understand the importance of education as a way to improve their future life choices.

I feel privileged to be selected as one of the Executive member. While Public speaking has always been a huge issue for me, I now believe it is time for me to challenge myself by putting myself forward to speak for change in education. I am keen to be a voice to be heard at state level, as students are the future builders of any society or country.

I am an accomplished photographer and I held my first exhibition at the beginning of this year. My hobbies and interests include reading, photography, movies, music and I love to travel because it gives you the freedom to be yourself.J



Hey everyone, I’m Mia. I’m in Year 11 and I'm from Melbourne. I am so incredibly excited to spend the next twelve months on exec, working to make sure every Victorian student has a proper voice. My non-exec related interests include reading, cooking, listening to odd music, animals and creating regrettable outfits.  I constantly try to look for ways to challenge my world view, and to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of the people around me, as equality is exceedingly important to me.  I hope that in a years time the rest of the exec and I can look back and say we have helped make changes we, and all other students are truly proud of.




Hi, my name is Michelle and 16. I'm from the Westside and I'm passionate about creating school environments where people are comfortable with being themselves and enjoy being at school.

I enjoy listening to all types of music and yes that does include K-pop. Though Russian and German music is pretty rad too. 

Other cultures and languages really excite me and it'd be great if mainstream school had more options in terms of additional languages you can learn like German or Cantonese.

As education advances in Australia I really hope STEM (science technology engineering and maths) prospers and everyone of all backgrounds and situations have equal opportunity in achieving their dream occupation. As someone wants an occupation surrounded by space I want to make a future where these types of jobs are more easily accessed and known about in Australia.

In the future I hope students obtain the education best suited to them to obtain their goals.

William Wilson


Hello Everyone!! I’m Mitchell and I’m a year 10 student from Melbourne. I’m passionate about reconciliation, the environment and inclusion. I am also passionate about creating change and empowering student voice in all situations.

My other interests include doing copious amounts of homework, sleeping and taking photos. Being on the 2018-19 Exec is an amazing opportunity, that I am really grateful for. I want to be able to help students make real change. Looking forward to the year ahead with the other fourteen amazing souls!



“The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today”

My name is Tafara, I’m in year 10, from Bendigo. I play volleyball and field hockey, partake in debating and public speaking competitions and work tremendous hours. I live for science; especially biology and physiology.

From a young age i have been passionate about student culture and environment. I believe all schools should be a safe environment to learn, express ones individually and make connections with peers and staff throughout. I nominated for this role, because i believe that students should be overseers of their own education. that decisions made should be made by the students and for the students.

My heart is with VicSRC to carry out our goals and visions for the future for student voice to be embraced and utilised for the next generation of world leaders.




I'm Wren, a year 11 student from the Yarra Ranges with the passion to shape positive change. I believe we all have the capacity to influence the world around us, and that it's when one becomes aware of this potential within themselves, that real change is able to be sparked and harnessed. It's important that our voices as students are heard and subsequently acted upon, as education is the key to growth with young people at its core.

Leadership and public speaking are two things that I have always held in high regard, along with writing and the study of philosophy. I like to challenge my own world view and those of the people around me, because I believe learning enables us to move forward. I want our education system to reflect progress, and hope that the rest of the executive and myself will all be part of helping shape progressive change over the next twelve months.



GREETINGS!!! My name is Zaituna I’m an outgoing, compassionate person from Melbourne, currently studying year 11. My passions are human rights and advocating and amplifying student voice. I aspire to travel the world and have a career where i am helping others and making real change in the world.

As students we are the stakeholders of our own education. So that being said why shouldn’t we have a say in our schooling experience. Most us may feel as though we don’t have the ability to speak out about issues, because we not “highly educated” but that’s the start of real change, we are the voice of the future so we might as well take a step forward now. As my one of my favourite quotes from Albert Einstein suggest we should "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." So don’t shy away from your potential, because we are all the capable of making real change.


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