Our Exec Team

The VicSRC Executive Committee consists of fifteen student representatives who are elected by students across Victoria.

VicSRC Student Executive Committee gathered as a group


Hi! My name is Bri, I’m a year 11 student and this my third year as a VicSRC Executive. I live up in North-East Victoria in a little town of under 4000 people. Growing up in a rural part of Victoria has inspired me to help change the education of all students across the state, something that I’ve had the pleasure of already doing with VicSRC for over two years now already. It is my firm belief that everyone has the right to a high quality education that will aid them in whatever future they choose, regardless of where they live.



Hey everyone, I’m Emily a year 11 student from regional Bendigo. I love to read, swim, play with my 3 dogs and hang with friends. I also can’t wait to travel and experience the world. I’m so stoked to be on the exec this year and get the opportunity to represent you guys as I truly believe in the power of our voices and our ability to create a change and fight for the issues that we decide need to be changed. I feel the Vic SRC gives us that platform that we all need to make sure that this is being done effectively as we’re students advocating for students not parents or teachers speaking for us, because we all know we have our own voices and how to use them. I can’t wait to see where this exec will take us creating the change we all want to see.



Hey everyone, my name is Francesca I’m a year 11 student from Central Victoria. I was extremely excited when I got a surprise call saying there was a position available on the executive committee. I feel very honored to be able to represent students across Victoria and working for change to improve our education system while still staying true to our vision and values.

I have always been interested in student voice and have been in my school's SRC throughout primary school and high school.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports such as netball and tennis, hanging out with friends and of course watching Netflix and Disney+. I’m also passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures across the world as I have had some amazing opportunities to travel overseas, along with this I love anything and everything fashion related.

I can’t wait to meet and work with all the wonderful people involved with VicSRC.



Hi everyone! My names James, a Year 11 student from the Western suburbs of Melbourne. I started my journey on Student Voice wayyy back in primary school, where it was the idea of creating fundraisers for good causes and all. However, over the years, I’ve learnt what Student Voice means to others, and through that, it has fuelled my passion to work with the schools SRC to help voice student concerns and create initiatives that benefit them.

And now, I’m here! I’m excited to work with the rest of the Exec team, and I can’t wait to see what we do! I hope to represent students all over Victoria as best as I can, and I hope you come along for the ride :)



Hey, hey, heyyy everybody!!

I’m Joe, a Year 10 student from Melbourne. I first started my journey in student voice a couple years ago, and it’s led me to be a part of an amazing statewide community, compiled of young, passionate individuals who value student activism as much as I do.

Just some general interests of mine: I’m quite into debating, oversized hoodies, philosophy, anime and badminton (random combo, I know) and as far as irrational fears go, moths just aren’t my thing (or anything that flies for that matter).

I’m extremely eager to work alongside staff and fellow executive members over the next twelve months to further improve our education system and making sure that every students voice is heard and equally represented.

Despite my introverted nature, I am loud when I need to be and confident in creating educationally fundamental change on a state level.



Hey! My name is John Paul and I’m a year 11 studying at Braybrook College. I’m super excited to work with the Executive for my second term :)

Student voice doesn’t just come from leaders. It’s something that everyone can have - all you have to do is voice your opinion! After my first year as an Executive, my eyes have opened immensely by what students can achieve when they work together, and how much influence students have in changing our education system. I believe that young people should not only have a say in decision making, but also be actively engaged and have a full say in decision making.

Outside of school you can catch me mainly playing sport and spending quality time with my friends and family!

Everyday I live by the motto of being a better version of yourself everyday. It’s such a privilege to come back on the Executive team and I hope I can get the most out of this experience once again :)



Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.”

Heyo! I’m Jordan and I’m in year 7 in the Macedon Ranges. I am so excited for the next 12 months of my life with VicSRC, student voice is everything to me as I still have years and years of schooling left and want to be heard with my opinions of what I’m spending my time on. I'm on my school SRC and I’m about to go back on for another year. During my executive term I hope to achieve quite a few different things like, speaking in front of more people and experiencing new things such as going to events that I really enjoy!



Hey everyone, I’m Mia. I’m in Year 12 and I'm from Melbourne. I am so incredibly excited to spend the next twelve months on exec, working to make sure every Victorian student has a proper voice. My non-exec related interests include reading, cooking, listening to odd music, animals and creating regrettable outfits.  I constantly try to look for ways to challenge my world view, and to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of the people around me, as equality is exceedingly important to me.  I hope that in a years time the rest of the exec and I can look back and say we have helped make changes we, and all other students are truly proud of.



Hey everyone! I’m Michael, also often known as Caleo, a VCE Student from Melbourne’s Metro West. Being able to influence the world that affects you, and having your voice heard I believe is a basic human right and often we are told that we are too young to be at the adult table, but often the youngest minds sprout the greatest ideas. To me, school is something that I enjoy, and I wish to make that feeling something everyone can share!

Outside of duties, I like to spend my time listening to, creating or playing music! Particularly that from musicals; this is along my passion aquatic sports and exploring the open ocean, along with meeting new people!

We have the power to transform the world around us and we should have that seat at the adults table and take it with pride! 



Hey! I’m Mitch, and I’m a Year 11 student from Northern Metropolitan Victoria. I am passionate about reconciliation, inclusion, and the environment. I am also passionate about creating a positive change for the benefit of the future. I think that student voice is important because as the greatest stakeholders in education, we should be consulted on decisions that affect them. I am excited to be a part of the VicSRC Executive Team because I want to make a positive contribution to education across the state. In my spare time, I enjoy playing music, and photography. I also enjoy doing copious amounts of homework.



Heyoos! Name's Moe, I'm in Year 12 and have set up shop down near Bayside in Melbourne. I'm passionately desperate for every student to perform to their fullest potential. Making sure that everyone's unequivocally heard is essential in making sure everyone reaches their fullest potential and that's something I'm really keen to work with VicSRC and the other Execs to achieve!!

Currently, I'm studying to be a commercial pilot, which means being stuck in a metal can 10,000 feet in the air and becoming best friends with checklists, your instructors and the plane itself. When I'm not sitting on a desk grinding at school, around a table at VicSRC HQ or landing a plane at Moorabbin, my typical 24 hours consist of me vicariously commenting on VCEdiscussionspace, bingewatching Brooklyn 99, blasting my playlists on repeat whilst skedaddling to have a social life and catching up on my schoolwork :)




Heyoooooo my name is Naufal and i am currently in year 9 at a school in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This is my first year as exec so i am very excited and keen to see how the year will be like with my new lil family hehehehe.

I personally have felt super outgoing and passionate about leadership and student voice in schools but i wasn’t truly aware of how much further i could go with my determination and passion.

My experiences at school were not exactly the best but we all go through different obstacles and we all have different things to contribute, that is why i am where i am:)))

My hobbies are pre brief. I like to try new things and do everything from sports to photography and just really doing everything. In my spare time i like to check up on everyone through social media as i am a social media addict ahaha, i would leave my @ but idk if that’s allowed, find me on insta & snap sksksksks;))

Catch me along the Cranbourne/Pakenham train lines <33

William Wilson


Hey everyone! My name is Rumaan and I’m currently in year 11. I am from the south-east and I am passionate about speaking up for what I believe in and sparking positive change through student voice. I am incredibly excited to spend the next twelve months on the executive, working towards making sure every Victorian student has their student voice heard. My interests include debating, cooking, listening to music and most of all I enjoy spending time with people. I am proud to be working with fourteen other Execs who all believe in the power of student voice bringing change.



Hey there! My name is Sonany and I’m a year 9 student from Melbourne’s west. To summarise, I’m an outgoing and bubbly person who loves socialising and interacting with new people and stepping outside my bubble! Some of my most favoured hobbies and interests include, athletics, visual arts, sports (specifically tennis, soccer, and AFL) hiking and anything Disney related.

On the serious side of things, I’m super passionate about learning, leadership, seeking new opportunities and student’s voices. Leadership for me is not a grand title or a shiny badge, but rather, a great service and responsibility. During my Exec term, I wish to serve, evoke and represent the opinions of students in Victorian to the best of my ability. Thomas Edison once said, “You’re never too young to change the world”, and I couldn't agree more :)    



“The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today”

My name is Tafara, I’m in year 11, from Bendigo. I play and coach volleyball and field hockey, as well partaking in debating. I live for science; especially biology and chemistry.

From a young age i have been passionate about student culture and environment. I believe all schools should be a safe environment to learn, express ones individually and make connections with peers and staff throughout. I nominated for this role, because i believe that students should be overseers of their own education. and student agency should be embedded into the culture of every school. I believe that decisions made should be made by the students and for the students.

My heart is with VicSRC to carry out our goals and visions for the future for student voice to be embraced and utilised for the next generation of world leaders.