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The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) is the peak body representing school aged students in Victoria. We exist to empower all student voices to be valued in every aspect of education.

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About us:

The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) is the peak body representing school aged students in Victoria. The VicSRC is auspiced by the Youth Affairs Council Victoria, and funded through the Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET), Newsboys Foundation and Catholic Education Office Melbourne.

We're students from across Victoria who have set up a democratic network of Student Representative Councils. We're working to strengthen SRCs so they can speak and act on behalf of secondary students in schools and throughout Victoria. Student conferences identified a need for a statewide organisation or network of school students, so the VicSRC was established in 2001. It is entirely student owned and run, although supported by many organisations and individuals.

The main thing to remember is: VicSRC is a student run, organised and initiated organisation run for the benefit of students.

An elected Student Executive gives direction to the VicSRC staff, sets policy, communicates with SRCs and helps strengthen and promote the aims of the VicSRC. The Executive’s job is to represent what is actually being said via student councils across the state. Students can join the Student Executive by nominating for a place.

Download VicSRC 2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Our Vision

A student-focused education system that enhances young people's capacity to change the world.

Our Mission

We facilitate student-led advocacy in our schools and community, advocating for positive change in every aspect of education.
We provide resources and events for students and educators, contributing to positive education and wellbeing outcomes.

Our Principles

STUDENT CENTRED | We are representative, student initiated and run.

INCLUSIVE | We are inclusive and respectful of different points of view, and support diversity.

INNOVATIVE | We encourage creative solutions.

INDEPENDENT | We are not party political; the best interests of students will be at the core of our advocacy.

FOR PURPOSE | We are not for profit.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Key thought-leader in education

We listen to students; we discuss, debate and share ideas; we circulate resources and best practice case studies, both on-line and face-to-face. We aim to be recognised locally and internationally as a key thought-leader in student-led education, through the work we initiate and facilitate, and to be the democratic, participatory and leading organisation of student voice in Victoria.

Goal 2: Change maker

We take part in educational decisions, alongside others, and advocate directly to key decision-makers within all levels of the education system, in order to change policies and practices to create better outcomes for all students. We aim to advocate for Student Voice and promote priority areas identified by students.

Goal 3: Capacity builder

We build the capacity of students, their organisations and those who work with them, to create change. 

Goal 4: Sustainable influence

We continually seek to increase the capacity, relevance, effectiveness and reach of the organisation and its vision. We aim to build a sustainable organisation that will continue to work on behalf of school students now and in the future.

What's the Point?

Where there are effective structures in and between schools to represent students, students have a voice and are able to work to bring about changes. In the same way, if student representative bodies are able to work together and are recognised by the rest of the education system, they have the potential to represent students on important education issues. Through representation, students are able to have a say, contribute to the education system that surrounds them and become increasingly engaged in important decisions.

Learn from and help each other

Combine together to focus our many schools' strength on specific activities/issues, increasing our effectiveness
Create a united student voice, which could be heard throughout the education system.

To strengthen SRCs

  • By improving the operation of student representative bodies within secondary schools in Victoria
  • By supporting networks between schools at a local level
  • By increasing the profile of student representative bodies in the community 


To be a representative body for Victorian secondary school students

  • By providing a network linking students ands student representative bodies across Victoria
  • By providing a recognised and student based structure to speak on behalf of secondary students


To facilitate and co-ordinate action by secondary students at all levels

  • By supporting projects, initiatives, and any related activities that secondary students could participate in, and which would be more effective on a larger scale
  • By coordinating appropriate activities at a state wide level


To be democratic and particpatory

  • By encouraging students to understand, practise and experience democracy, by being included in decision making at all levels

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